The Mobile Food Truck Explosion

In a recent USA Today article, here's why it's smart to consider a food truck business at this time:

"Why food trucks are on the rise"

The rise of literal fast food makes sense considering how the food industry has expanded, says Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of research for the National Restaurant Association, which estimates that there are thousands of food trucks roaming the USA. "A lot of growth has come not from people going into restaurants but from off-premises" services: takeout, delivery, curbside/drive-through and, now, mobile. The association's annual chefs survey revealed that food trucks and pop-up restaurants are the year's top operational trend.

In a recent study by Technomic, which tracks the food industry, 91% of consumers familiar with food trucks say they view them as no passing fad. Kevin Higar, the firm's director of consulting and research, spent three months earlier this year doing at-the-window-and-into-the-stomach investigating, sampling the savories and sweets from more than 100 trucks in nine cities at $6 to $8 a plate, basket or bowl. He estimates that the trend has rumbled into 30 to 35 cities, parking itself on college campuses and at music festivals, nightclubs, wedding receptions, farmers markets and, in an example of how meta the mobile mangia landscape has become, food truck meet-ups, which might feature a dozen of the vehicles.

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